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Joensuunkatu 7D
FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358-(0)2-777 290
E-mail info@powerfinn.fi

Fast charger


Powerfinn Oy is a Finnish company specialized in marketing, developing and manufacturing standard and customized battery chargers, power supplies and DC/DC converters. All battery chargers are designed and manufactured for optimized charging to obtain a maximum use of batteries. This is also very economical, When you charge your batteries correctly they will last longer and you save money and time. The design of the charger is based on the type of battery, area of use and charging time. Powerfinn Oy's main areas of activity are traction batteries, transportation & automotive, energy, defence and demanding industrial applications mainly in Europe. Of course we'll provide our high quality chargers / power supplies / dcdc-converters all over the world, directly or via our dealers.

In Salo (Finlad) we're manufacturing three different power ranges: 800, 1600 & 3200W. And dcdc-converters are made in Finland too.

800W series 1600W series 3200W series

Other products are made in Sweden; e.g. IP65 class chargers and MTM-HF's.


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Powerfinn is part of Micropower group.


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