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Joensuunkatu 7D
FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358-(0)2-777 290
E-mail info@powerfinn.fi

Dc/dc converter


Powerfinn's high quality dcdc-converters are desinged and manufactured in Salo, Finland. Converters can be used as a battery charger, power supply or both. Main targets of use are in industrial and in (elecric) vehicles.

DCDC-converter serieses:

- PAP400DCDC; 400W units with 40-84Vdc input and 12-96Vdc output

- PAP650DCDC; 650W units with 260-400Vdc inpuit and 12-96Vdc output

- Modified converters from PAP3200 powersupplies.


 Contact our sales: sales@powerfinn.fi

Powerfinn is part of Micropower group.


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